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Voice over recording in London? 

Unlock your voice potential in West London's answer to Soho!

Are you ready to elevate your audio game? Introducing London Voice Over Studio, your premier choice for top-notch voice over recording in London W3! We understand the importance of clear, captivating audio, and we're here to make your voice shine.

With voice industry experts on hand to assist, broadcast industry-standard specifications and years of experience, we are, quite possibly, the best value voice over recording studio in London. 


Voice over - expertly done

Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to bringing out the best in your voice. Whether you're recording a podcast. commercial, narration, video game, or anything in between, our experts are here to guide you through the process and ensure a stellar end result.

Exceptional Value

At London Voice Over Studio, we believe that quality voice recording should be accessible to everyone. Enjoy our exceptional services at extremely competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value for your investment without breaking the bank!

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into our modern studio equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our facilities boast industry-standard recording equipment, acoustically treated rooms, and expert sound engineers and producers dedicated to capturing the human voice with unparalleled clarity.

West London Location

Conveniently located in the heart of London W3, London Voice Over Studio is easily accessible, making it a perfect choice for professionals and creatives alike. Say goodbye to Central London congestion and hello to a studio that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Remote Session Direction

Remote direction - where clients can oversee the session online - is virtually as good as attending the studio in person - a real time and expense saver. With our tried and tested system, we're more than  capable of accommodating clients from all over the world.  

Flexible Booking Options

We understand that your schedule may be hectic. That's why we offer flexible booking options to accommodate your needs. Whether you need a quick session or an extended project, London Voice Over Studio has you covered.

Our offer

What we record

Film: ADR, Dubbing, Voice to Picture, Movie Trailer

Radio:  Documentary, Drama, Current Affairs, News

TV:  Commercials, Documentary, Drama, Narration

Broadcast: Live commentary broadcast to picture

Video Game and Animation audio
Audio Books & Audio Guides


Audio for Apps

Corporate & Promotional Video

Therapy:  NLP & Hypnosis, Guided Meditation

Interactive Voice Response and Telephone On-Hold Messages

Education:  e-Learning, CDs, Web-site content streaming

Marketing:  YouTube and Website Promo video/audio

Events:  Voice of God Announcements & Continuity

Public Transport Announcements

Personal History & Biog recording

Scientific Analysis of voice

Singers & Instrumentalists

post production services

For Post Production, we offer a full editing service, including audio restoration, clean-up, de-Noise and de-breath. We also mix music and voice over for full AV production.

Voice Reel Services

For actors wishing to create a voice reel or add to an existing one, prices are £70 per hour including vat. Please let us know if you need additional assistance and/or coaching. Our voice reels are approved and used by leading voice over agents. 

Remote Direction

Currently, reliable remote direction is often requested by clients. We offer a full, multi-camera audio-visual service.

This allows not only session monitoring but playback of recorded audio to picture for the connected client.

Remote Direction

We offer a full remote direction facility via hard wired ethernet gigabit internet connection. This allows clients and/or remote studios to oversee sessions using a number of on-line portals. We offer a time-unlimited audio & video direction link via Source Nexus, meaning you do not have to have a paid account with an on-line portal should you wish to direct for more than 45 minutes.
We also cater for Zoom, Skype, MSTeams, Jitsi Meet, Google Meet, Source Now, Cleanfeed (and other podcast recording platforms) and more.
We can also link with remote recording studios using Sessionlink Pro and Source Connect Pro - additional costs may apply.

for voice talent with home studios

Most VO talents' speciality is voice production, not studio engineering, and yet (especially during the lockdown period) many have been encouraged to set up their own home studios.
The feedback we get from such voice over artists is that the one thing at the top of their list of dislikes when recording from home is when the client requests to remotely direct.

Although easy for the client, most home studios are just not set up to accomplish this satisfactorily, resulting in increased stress for the voice talent. In addition to operating the recording equipment - not their primary area of expertise in the first place - the talent also has to deal with the client directing them via a mobile phone propped up in the recording area. This is all the while trusting not only that the WiFi holds out but also that the client can actually hear what they're doing!
For most, this is not a relaxing experience!
At London Voice Over Studio, our remote direction is via hard-wired, ethernet gigabit internet connection. Video feedback using multiple cameras is available and, for the client, this is virtually as good as attending the studio. For the voice talent, well, it means they can get on and record what they do best - voice - without any extra stress!
So, if you're an agency or voice talent who deals with clients requesting remote direction, London Voice Over Studio is the place to record!

who we are

We’ve been there

I'm Simon Wilkinson and the studio is my passion. Having spent decades in the music, performing and recorded audio industries, I recognised that there was a need for a reasonably priced studio in London to record voice over. Not every one can afford the £*** per hour charged by the top voice over facilities servicing the film industry. Hence London Voice OverStudio was born!
Since then, I've had the pleasure of working for prominent companies in the broadcast world and with a vast array of voice talent. Voices recording in my studio love that it's truly set up to make the experience as seamless as possible - just the way I like to record my own voice! Being a voice actor myself - one who knows the ropes and doesn't just press the record button - definitely makes a difference.


What our clients say

Robson Green 

Actor, Presenter and Voice Over

That was the best voice over session I've ever done - and I've done a lot!

dave zobel 

Audiobook Producer

For the audiobook of Terry Ravenscroft's Stairlift to Heaven, London Voice Over Studio's highly qualified professionals meticulously directed every session, tracked every word of the script, caught every audio nuance, accommodated every request from the (remote) client, and thoroughly pampered the talent. Amazingly, all five of those professionals were one man called Simon!

Joe McEwan 

Head of Digital at Innocent

The guys at the studio were a pleasure to work with – efficient, knowledgeable, friendly team, and a final recording we were very happy with. We’ll definitely be working together in the future.

colin brown

CEO - Skoolbo UK

We were delighted to record the audio for Skoolbo our great 3D animation game which helps children lock in core literacy and numeracy skills at London Voice Over Studio. Our terrific Olympian ambassadors Denise Lewis OBE and Adrian Turner loved the studio and worked closely with Simon in producing a fantastic high end product which is now used by hundreds of thousands of children across the UK.


Our prices can be as low as £50 per hour + vat for block booking. This rate includes not only the best value voice over recording studio in London but also a highly experienced producer/engineer and any extras such as voice to picture, ftp transfer, remote direction and all editing. In addition, we have a roster of british english voice over artists on tap, making London Voice Over Studio a one-stop-shop for all your voice over needs.


Contact Information

London Voice Over Studio

Valetta Rd (adj 83)
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Phone: +44 7961 405140