Voice Over Recording Services

Voice Over Recording

We offer professional voice over recording, either in our west London (W3) recording studio or as a location recording package. Whether you require English or foreign language voice over, we can provide the necessary top-notch equipment and expertise.

We produce voice-over for film, radio, television, movie trailers, documentary, drama, audiobooks, audio guides, video games, mobile apps, e-learning, corporate presentations, on-line marketing campaigns, YouTube promos, podcasts, animation, adverts, therapy, hypnosis, guided meditation, event announcements (voice-of-god), on-hold & IVR recordings, actor showreels and, well, just about anything that needs professionally recorded voice.

We can produce both 'wild' voice over recording (just a script with no video playback) and sound-to-picture narration. If just a straight recording is required, then the artist is directed via headphones from the studio control room. This is the case for most voice over and narration-to-video where synchronisation is unimportant. If sound-to-picture is required, the addition of an in-booth monitor provides playback of digital video files, allowing for total audio-visual synchronisation, perfect for automated dialog replacement (ADR) and where strict timings are required.

ADR and Animation

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor(s) after the filming process to improve audio clarity, reflect dialogue changes or remove inappropriate noises (or language!) recorded on location. After all, as in a recent project we dealt with, nobody expects to hear an express train going past in the background of a medieval sword-and-sorcery epic!  Actually, ADR is a far from automated process as it requires the voice actor to not only synchronise with the on screen dialog but also recreate the emotion and nuance of the original audio. 

Techniques for recording ADR, the ability to loop a particular section of video so that the actor has repeated chances to get that perfect take, also apply to animation dubbing. We offer in-booth video monitoring as standard to clients - at no extra cost - and our control room is equipped with a sizeable 46" screen so you can view your content in its full glory while conducting the ADR session. If directing remotely, the video screen can be shared with the client in real time.

Foreign Language Recording

Foreign language recording got us started in voice overs, with mammoth day-long sessions in Arabic. Since then we've added a fair few other nationalities to our roster.

London, in addition to being the capital of the nation responsible for the English language, is also home to people from many different countries. This means that specialist Voice Over Agencies based in and around the metropolis can supply a wide range of local voice talent of various nationalities. Whether you require a podcast production in French, an on-hold message  in Japanese, an advertisement in Dutch or maybe even some good old Transylvanian Hammer Horror screams, foreign language voiceover recording is relatively easy and quick to arrange.

On-Hold Message Recording

A businesses on hold or Interactive Voice Response system may well be the first experience a customer has of the organisation, so it's important to get it right. An inferior message can reflect badly on the company and lead a potential client to even go elsewhere. We're happy to help with both script suggestions and message format. This can be anything from a relatively simple message through to the recording of hundreds of individual IVR segments - as we did (in English, German, French and Japanese) for use in ANA Europe's London office. All the files from this recording session were then edited and seamlessly converted to the specialised file format particular to All Nippon Airways' on-hold message telephone technology.

Another client, Pernod-Ricard, requested a bespoke music bed to play under an extended, informational on-hold message. We provided the voice artist, composed and produced the music, and put the whole thing together.


Many people enjoy listening to podcasts on the go and this is an increasingly important medium by which business owners, educators and marketers can reach wider audiences relatively inexpensively. Podcasts are easily downloadable from the Apple iTunes store (for those on iOS compatible devices) and elsewhere for other platforms. 

From script proof-reading and voice-actor casting to sound design and the spoken word recording, call us for an all-in quote for the complete process of script preparation, voice over recording, mixing, mastering, and final audio file conversion to podcast format.


Like podcasts, the dramatic rise in the audiobook market is a reflection of people's keenness to listen to content when mobile, whether it's commuting on foot or travelling by planes, trains and automobiles. There is a vast market out there and all sorts of material to cater for it.  Whether it's serious academic tomes, adventure epics or romantic comedies, there are surely fifty shades of differing audiobook experience.

Audiobook recording is, by its nature, a long process due to the hours of final content produced. Concentration is required from both engineer and voice over artist as there generally just isn't the time (or budget) for repeated takes. It helps greatly if the narrator is able to feel comfortable in the recording area and we like to think we've really got that covered with our spacious Studiobricks booth which has natural light, ventilation and plenty of room!

Corporate Video and Audio

Corporate audio and, increasingly, video can cover a number of areas. Such videos may appear only at a company presentation for relatively few to see or can be streamed online, so allowing an almost unlimited number of views. The material may be informational, educational or promotional; there are many possibilities.

We cater for all,  from small companies who may just be starting out with their first YouTube hosted promotional video, through to multinationals who produce a multitude of content. The common feature between the small and the larger client? Voice over quality. It's essential that the voice over be produced to a level of professionalism that presents your business in the best possible light.

Our advice: don't skimp on your voice-over. Book a session with us to record it!

On-Line Marketing

Video is currently big in the on-line marketing world, and that's unlikely to change any time soon. If you have a product, service or campaign to market then it will, most likely, involve video. There has never been a better time to get into video marketing, with free (or very cost effective) hosting, relatively inexpensive means of producing content and, of course, millions of potential viewers on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Viewers love video and there is a demonstrably higher number of conversions from browser to customer when video is used to market effectively.

Of course, one of the key elements to video is often the voice over commentary. Does it suit the video, does it attract attention, does it command authority, reassurance and trust? These are all issues that can be addressed by hiring a professional voice artist and having your script expertly recorded and produced. Why settle for amateur when you can have a movie trailer?

If you want to go one step further and use a presenter for your project we also have the facility to actually shoot the video as well as record the audio. With a full video and lighting rig, a selection of backdrops (including green screen) all easily set up in our booth, you can get great value video and audio recording of your presenter as well.

Education & eLearning

Like audiobooks, on-line teaching has never been more prominent. Sites like Udemy, Moodle and Teachable have shown what a huge market there is for selling courses on-line.

Clients like skoolbo.com and Digital Learning Assocoates provide focused English language courses for schoolchildren internationally. Our clients, like Malik Management - who provide a specialist management training syllabus - are fully aware of how important it is that the audio sounds completely professional. All these courses rely heavily on professionally recorded audio. And that's why they come to us - value and professionalism.

Therapy and Self Improvement

We've recorded voice over for guided meditations, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) sessions, hypnosis scripts, Quigong instruction, Tai Chi and Mindfulness direction. The important thing about recording such material is that, almost without exception, an intimate connection between the therapist/instructor and the listener is essential. There must be no background noise or distracting mouth clicks and pops from the voice, just pure speech. A quiet recording environment and the ability to deal with clicks, pops and any other noises is one of the reasons it's essential to record such material professionally.

Public Announcements - Voice of God

Yes, we've all heard them......."Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please make your way to the auditorium. The show is about to begin!". Often appearing to emanate from the ether, these so called "voice of god" announcements are a staple of large public events and auditorium hosted shows.

In order to guarantee consistency, many of these announcements are actually pre-recorded. We've produced such content for Samsung, Wella and more.

Voice Reels

We've had some enquiries where people have asked "Where can I audition for voice over jobs?". Generally it is not the case that such work is offered for open audition. First you need to record high quality examples of your work and then try your luck with voice over agencies or on-line voice portals .

For actors and those wanting to improve their chances of breaking into the voice over business we offer an all-in showreel service. This involves the creation of a showreel containing voice over, music and a fully edited script all done to a standard that maximises your chances of obtaining voice over work. We can also supply professionally duplicated CDs printed to a very high standard - ideal for distributing your showreel.

For actors who wish either to add to an existing showreel - or create one from scratch without being tied to a "package deal" price - we offer a very attractive hourly rate for creating fabulous voice reels that we guarantee won't sound generic.

Live Broadcasts

During lockdown, when travel was unfeasible to the Nordic countries, the studio hosted sports commentator Guy McCrea doing live broadcasts for the Ski Classics program of cross country skiing. Commentary was recorded in London Voice Over Studio, combined with live broadcast provided by W Sportsmedia AB from the events and sent out in real time to subscribers across the world. 5am starts and.....lots of snow!

Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production covers just about everything else we specialise in. In addition to voice over sessions, we cover vocalist recording, music recording and production, editing, mixing, de-noising audio, restoration and repair, file format conversion and mastering. If you wish to dub sound effects onto a session or clean up some audio files we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. If you want to add a megaphone effect to your voice-over, it can all be accomplished in audio post production.