The Studio

Best Value Voice Over Recording Studio in London?

Quite possibly........ Our London based voice over recording studio is equipped with the latest, cutting edge Avid Pro Tools HDX system. That, combined with decades of professional experience and expertise, is designed to guarantee that you complete your session with the ultimate in professional voice over recording.

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX Recording Studio

At the heart of London Voice Over Studio is our Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HDX system. This allows recording to a full 128 tracks of 32 bit audio compatible with all industry film editing programs like Apple's Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier and DaVinci Resolve. Our Pro Tools system is complemented by a selection of top quality microphones and pre-amps.

Unlike London recording studios offering only Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools HD Native, this HDX system allows true minimal latency monitoring as well as vastly increased processing power to run our substantial collection of AAX plug ins. Of the London recording studios offering Pro Tools HDX, we undoubtedly offer some of the best recording studio rates for such a highly specified system - a system used by AV professionals in similar studios the world over. 

Digidesign C|24 Mix Control Surface

Coupled with our multi computer Pro Tools set up is a Digidesign C|24 control surface. We truly believe that this piece of equipment, with the tactile feedback it allows, helps produce better sounding mixes as it encourages the engineer/producer to rely more on listening rather than staring at a computer screen - and that can only be a good thing. Being a highly engineered piece of Digidesign equipment, you won't find this in any studios that rely on anything other than Pro Tools HD as their Digital Audio Workstation of choice.

Acoustically Treated Recording Booth

Our acoustically treated and insulated 2m x 3m vocal booth is of state of the art Studiobricks construction, both fully ventilated and daylight illuminated. It's one of the largest such booths in the UK. The directional LED lighting is adjustable to suit the voice over artists' taste and the booth is big enough to accommodate several voice actors at a time. Up to eight pairs of headphones can be used simultaneously, all with individual volume controls to allow personalisation of monitoring levels.

The booth can be both completely private (with no window to the control room) or with direct line of sight to the engineer if desired. This means that if a voice over artist wants to assume their own favourite method acting pose whilst performing then no one else will see! We will, however, hear and record - and the results can be spectacular!

London Voice Over Studio Microphones

We have a carefully chosen selection of top quality microphones to suit all voices and styles, from valve condensers, a ribbon mic and small diaphragm capacitor mics through to dynamics. 

  • Townsend Labs Sphere L22 - a mic that can model some of the most expensive and desirable mics - our go-to for voice over
  • Neumann M149 Tube mic with custom, ultra high quality Vovox cable - one of's top 10 mics of all time
  • Sennheiser MKH416 - a favourite with visiting US Voice Over Artists, this has a classic sound and is a favourite
  • ElectroVoice RE-20 - another favourite with visiting US Voice Over Artists
  • 3-Zigma Master 4 x 10 Toolkit - a host of classic FET condenser mic emulations (C12, U47, U67, ELAM 251)
  • Sontronics Sigma Active Ribbon Mic - unlike modern condensers this gives a darker, retro radio sound
  • Twin Lewitt LCT 940s - these can offer either valve or FET operation, or a blend of the two - fab!
  • Twin DPDA 4060 Lavalier mics - perfect for recording video game voice over by allowing the voice talent flexibility of movement rather than being tied to a fixed point

Pre-amps by Slate Pro Audio, Broadhurst Gardens, TL Audio and Digidesign handle the audio inputs to our Pro Tools HDX rig.

London Voice Over Studio Plugins

Every Pro Tools based voice over recording studio has its prized selection of digital plug-ins for enhanced processing and we are no exception. Our already highly specified system is, of course, complemented with a wide range of plug-ins (both the essential and the more esoteric) to ensure that you get the perfect professional voice over recording. As well as those by Avid, we have the latest plug-ins by Antares, Aphex, Brainworx, Eventide, Massey, MsDSP, Sonnox, Sound Toys, Source Elements, Synchro Arts, Wave Arts, Waves and Izotope (including RX Advanced for complete audio repair and enhancement, dialog de-noise, de-click etc ). RX Advanced, in our opinion, is an absolute essential for all voice over recording - every studio should have a copy!

Running a Pro Tools Ultimate HDX rig, our plugins are all AAX. However, due to the wizardry of Blue Cat Audio's MB7 and Patchwork, we are able to run VST plugins in our DAW as well, so please let us know if you have any special requirements in that area. It could be that you have a favourite VST plugin which hasn't made it to the AAX platform. If that's the case we should be able to run it!