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Voice Over Artist

Whether it's  a big movie trailer voice over like that delivered by the late, great Don La Fontaine (right), or something a bit less dramatic, we can help. We can connect you with the best British English male voice over artists, British English female voice over artists and, if you can't find the ideal voice over on our site, we're happy to look further afield for you by sourcing a voice from one of the London voice over agencies with whom we deal and can recommend.

In addition to British English, we can source US/North American English, foreign language and child voices to suit your project.

So, what to consider when searching for a voice over artist?

Well, you can start by simply choosing the voice artist's gender, age range and the type of content you wish to present. Do you, for instance, want a mature male voice to present a serious subject with a sense of confidence and gravitas; a voice that does, indeed, sound as if he's completely comfortable with the material that is being presented and can convey this to the listener with absolute certainty? Or do you want a young female voice to advertise, say, a child's toy; a voice that can convey a sense of excitement, fun and wonder? or do you require a flexible voice to read, say, an audiobook - a voice that can convincingly switch between the book's characters in an engaging and convincing way?

 What sort of budget do you have for your voice-over? Celebrity voices, obviously, come at a premium but there are many other London based voice over artists who can do the job equally well - even though you might never have heard of them - and who may better suit your budget.

Let us know, and we'll try to cater for your requirements as best we can. And, if we can't provide exactly the voice you require, then you can be sure we know someone who will!


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