February 11

London Voice Over Studio ADR Facility Enhanced

In with the new year and in with some wonderful additions to our recording studio.

Installed over the Christmas holiday and fully road tested throughout January, we're proud to announce that we're now fully upgraded to Pro Tools 11 HDX and, taking full advantage of the four monitor capability allowed by our speedy new Mac, have enhanced the Control Room area with a whopping 46" screen.

What used to look like this:

​Now looks like this:

Clients can now immerse themselves in a full screen HD experience whilst attending ADR sessions in the recording studio control room

 whilst the voice artist can experience a somewhat cut down but ideally workable solution at script level height in our spacious recording booth.

All London Voice Over Studio clients have said how impressed they are by our new set up. Oh, and they're also loving the new, much faster Pro Tools 11 too! And all currently at the same rates as 2014.



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